Gumroad makes it really easy to earn a buck or two!

Gumroad makes it really easy to earn a buck or two!

If you’re on the Internet these days, you might have noticed that everyone is selling something on Gumroad. Let me share my thoughts why is that. It’s not because everyone has something to sell. It’s because selling via Gumroad is so damn easy. PDFs, design templates, videos, you name it.

Think for a moment, do you have any digital asset you’ve created? Would you like to start selling it? If you’re thinking even for a second “Nobody would buy it” I’m gonna give you the look and pretend I didn’t hear anything.

I’m about to present you possibilities. You can use it right now for that product you have in mind. It would be real shame if you don’t publish it at the end of the reading. Then you’ll have to re-read it. 😅 Jokes aside, I’ll present very few things that you need to setup (decide) before you can have your public page for the product. You won’t have to worry about the technical details at all. Gumroad takes care of that.

First steps

I’m about to offer you my invitation link to Gumroad. I would get one time compensation if you upgrade your account. No hard feelings if you go directly to You’ll need to create an account before we proceed.

If you are checking Gumroad pricing options between free and paid plans, you are looking too far away. Let’s make $1 first, and then we will think about the optimisation later. Yes, comparing fees on different plans is optimisation. And it will take you too much time. Let’s start now with the Free plan. Focus on what’s important. Do you have a PayPal account? I’ve used it as a way for getting payments, but there are other options too. Now, let’s start creating your product

Product type

Gumroad is asking you for a name and a price. Don’t worry, you can edit it any time. But, those are expected fields. What I want to show you here is that there are different types of products

  • Classic: start selling today
  • Pre-order: sell before a release date
  • Membership: charge on a recurring basis

Most of you will be satisfied with the Classic product. Unless you wrote a book and you have a release date in the future.


I like how flexible you can go with Gumroad pricing. I’ll show you some options, and you can see which one suits you. $1 is a minimum price, unless you’re going to give your product for free. That means no $0.99 prices. From one dollar up.

Fixed price

You specify exact amount and that’s what you’ll get if someone buys your product. No more, no less.

Allow to pay what they want

Extension to “Fixed price”. Suitable if you’re open for tips. So, you can put your product to be like “$5+”. That will mean the minimum price is $5, but people can pay you $10 if they want.

Different price for different versions

You can set a several pricing levels of your product. Let’s say you have a video course, code examples in pdf and a list of additional resources or references. You could set something like this really easy:

  • Video only for $9
  • Video plus code examples for $12
  • Full bundle for $15

Special deals and promotions

Gumroad support discount codes and you can achieve different experience. For example:

  • Set price to $0 and send it to your friend
  • Set discount in percentages (like 50%)
  • Set discount in amount (like $10 off)

You can use generated discount codes (5 chars) or you can set some personalised ones. For example, you can have:

  • tw20off for Twitter
  • redd10bucks for Reddit
  • indiehackerfriends for Indie Hackers

What I like about these discount codes is that you can set an amount of time they can be used. After that, the price will go back. I’m using this for my monthly giveaway of 3 copies.

Publishing your products

Gumroad offers cool snippets to include in your website. But, you don’t need a website in order to sell your product. Gumroad offers pretty nice page for your product which you can customise.

So, you don’t have to worry, about setting any payment on your website, or thinking about SSL or whatever. You can also customise payment form in case you want to collect some additional data from your customers


Payments are done on Fridays. Meaning they will transfer funds to your PayPal. Bear in mind, PayPal may hold your money for additional amount of time, regarding your account and country. Gumroad will send payments for any sales made in between.

Few things to have in mind when talking about Gumroad payments. First payment may be delayed a bit, because they are verifying your account, and everything connected to it because of, well, reasons.

The second thing about the payment, you need to have at least $10 to actually trigger the payment. That means if you have $9.90 in your Gumroad account, you’ll need to wait till you make next sale.

Gumroad also takes some fees, but don’t worry about that too much. You still need to make that first sale. That’s not easy, trust me.


Gumroad helps creators to sell their work by removing any obstacle that can pop in between. You have the product, and you want money for it. Thats all you should care about. Gumroad will take care of everything else.

You don’t need to worry about payment systems, credit card, hosting, availability of product page.

There are a lot of other features Gumroad is offering. I’ve written here just enough to ignite those thoughts in your head.

If you like the blogpost, consider using my invitation link. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach me out on Twitter @brunoraljic. Thanks for reading!

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