Stop asking “Is this idea good”! It was like only 6 months ago when I was in the same shoes. Having new ideas here and there and going around, asking people the same question. What do you think, is this idea good. Should I build it? I don't do it anymore. I'll write few points that will help you see why I've stopped it. Confirmation bias Your colleagues, friends, or family can tell you that the idea is good. Sometimes (less likely) they…

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Focus on the idea – Don’t waste your time

I'll write down some of my thoughts why I think focus on the idea, the core value that you're building, is crucial when developing a product. Why we shouldn't lose time on things that doesn't increase the value. At the end of the article I'll provide a list of 300+ tools that can help you save days or even weeks of work. Courtesy of Who I'm writing this post for? You are a developer who had several…

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